Guide to using a Kettle | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Guide to using a kettle’ is an important skill to learn and will ensure the you use your kettle safely.

The Ghillie kettle and the Kelly kettle are very similar products. There are some slight differences but they achieve the same goal, which is to boil water. The Ghillie Kettle is made in the UK, whereas the Kelly Kettle is made in America.

Clearing your area

Make sure you have a clear surface when preparing your fire. This reduces the risk of setting fire to other parts of a woodland.

Collecting wood

Important to have enough wood to start and keep the fire fed. New and green wood does not burn as well as dry sticks. The sizes of sticks need to range from your index finger down to a drinking straw.

Fire square

The square alerts people to the possibility that contents within it maybe hot. The square should consist of four pieces of wood, which are the size of your forearm or slightly smaller.

Lighting your fire in the base of the kettle

Put cotton wool and small sticks in the base, making sure that the air/fire hole is facing towards any breeze, then light it. Place filled kettle on to base (using gauntlets) face spout away from the group and air/fire hole, and continue feeding the fire through chimney.

The whistle can be used but DO NOT CORK THE KETTLE when in use!

Lifting the kettle off the fire

Using your gauntlets, take hold of each end of the handle. Lift kettle off of the base and place it on a flat surface within the fire rectangle (enlarged fire square).

Pouring the kettle and putting out your fire

To pour the kettle use the handle and chain (with cork or whistle attached), being aware that the chain could be still hot, if necessary use your gauntlets. Use a stick to dab out the fire then let it cool down. Once the base is cooled you can then empty any ash and douse with water.

Do not pour water into the base, as it could deform it!