Session Structure | Outlearn Activities Guide

‘Session Structure’ is a good way in making sure you have covered all you need to, before, within, and after the activity. The aim of this list is to help keep you on task, so that you do not miss anything that will hinder the quality or safety of the session. Within these lists you might have to click on to the links to explore more of what you need to bear in mind when taking a group outside.

Before Session

  • Check weather
  • Carry out a dynamic risk assessment of the site that will be used and advise / act accordingly (record in daily risk assessment – if necessary)
  • Collect necessary equipment and restock first aid as necessary
  • Meet group and check if group members are able (alter to suit abilities of group where necessary)
  • Medication

Start of Session

  • Introductions
  • Group awareness of new hazards and awareness of groups abilities
  • Check whether group are wearing the correct clothing and footwear
  • Go to activity area
  • Welcoming circle – house keeping (discuss boundaries/rules/guidelines)
  • Explain the session

During the Session

  • Continually assess tools/equipment within session
  • Check if the needs of group is being fulfilled
  • Group management – head counts
  • Monitor the group to ensure that they are wearing the correct personal protective clothing

End of the Session

  • Take down structures
  • Collect all equipment (counting that all equipment is back)
  • Extinguish all fires
  • Closing circle – reviewing the session (questions, drawing or thumbs up/ thumbs down)
  • Check for litter & leave site