Fire Area Checklist | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Fire area checklist’ is very important as it guides you through stages of making, using and decommissioning a fire, and also how the group should act around it.

Before making a fire

Have you checked;

  • All your safety equipment (e.g. first aid kit including burns kit, mobile phone)
  • The fire box (e.g. gauntlets, fire steel, cotton wool, fire blanket)
  • If you have a bucket of water
  • The weather (thunder, lighting, and wind)

The above information is also relevant for kettles. For further information about equipment, please see the equipment guidance section.

Fire kit, water bucket, and first aid kit

Group management around a fire

Have you;

  • Briefed your group ( code of conduct —at the fire circle/lighting your fire)
  • Made a mental note of members in the group who may show unsafe tendencies in close proximity to a fire
  • Got the correct adult/child ratio in place before making a fire

Fire square within the fire circle:

For further information please see: