This section will help guide you in taking groups outdoors and also will be a reference point to experienced leaders. It is always good practise to listen to others on how to conduct a session safely, as they may have information, which is simpler and more effective.

Code of Conduct

'Code of conduct' is the foundation when performing activities within the natural environment. This page focuses on how to act within a natural space.

Equipment Guidance

'Equipment guidance' gives you an idea on what a leader may need when taking their group further afield. They will have to be aware of the group's needs, different activities delivered, and know the environment in which these activities will take place.

Session Guidance

'Session guidance' illustrates appropriate standards to meet when delivering activities. This guidance has been split into three areas dealing with, a leader's responsibility, how to run a standard session, and how to include everyone.

Health and Safety Guidance

'Health and safety guidance' is essential to everyone whether you're indoors or out. The aim of this section is to make the reader aware of what hazards and potential risks they need to look out for when on a session, and also what they need to know before going to the site to carry out a particular activity.

Tool and Fire Guidance

Using tools and fire are two great additions to nature-based sessions. 'Tool and fire guidance' walks you through the important steps to help make your session run smoothly and safely.

Accident and Emergency Guidance

'Accident and emergency guidance' is essential to anyone whether indoors or out. The aim of this list is to help you have the confidence to know how to deal with a stressed situation, and also to make it clear on what information needs to be available for relevant parties.