Daily Risk Assessments | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Daily risk assessments’ (DRAs) let the reader know of present hazards, which have either been dealt with or not. DRAs are active risk assessment forms, which need to be consulted and updated for new hazards on any particular site.

Download our Daily Risk Assessment

Completing a DRA

This form is for anyone who has noticed a hazard in and around the site. If you see a new hazard then write it down on the DRA form. To confirm that your outdoor learning team member (OLT) has checked it, they must sign and date to confirm that it is being considered and a new preventative measure will be put in place for either a short or long term period.


Write your name and the date to report the hazard.

New Hazard

Be as detailed as you can with: what the hazard is, and where you can find it on the site.

OLT Confirmation

OLT signs off the hazard, if it has been made safe or procedures have been put in place.

New Preventative Measures

This measure will be put in place to help keep people away from the danger.