In Search of the Hidden Trident | Outlearn Activity Guide

Your group are mermaids/mermens and they are trying to find the hidden trident. Only the trident will help them find the secret cave of Neptune. On your travels, you will see your friend Tallulah the turtle, who will help you in your quest to find the hidden trident.

The Walk

Go for a walk around the area you wish to carry out the activities. Talk about mythical creatures and ask your group what they might think they would look like.

Make your Mermaid/Merman

What does your mermaid/Merman look like? Create your mermaid/merman using natural materials.

Friends of the Mermaid/Merman

Make your friend Tallulah the turtle, using a paper plate and natural materials (leaves/grass/sticks etc). You might want to draw the turtle shell using ‘ Ash Pencils ’.

Materials: Paper Plates/Glue or Sticky Tape

Make your Hidden Trident

Using natural materials, create your trident. It is powerful, so make sure it is full of colourful leaves and dark green grass.

Materials: Pole/Stick, Sticky Tape/String, Fabric/Natural Materials (grass/leaves)

Find your Trident

Get your group to split into two teams, then for each team make a track using left/right/forward arrow signs (using sticks or other natural materials to do this). When you have got to your end point, hide the trident you’ve made. Swap the teams over to then try each other’s track to find their trident.

Finding Neptune’s Cave

Hide some shiny gems or chocolate on a path and get the group to find them using the hotter/colder activity. ‘Am I hotter or colder?’ the lead would say, if they are close the gems ‘hotter’, but if not they say ‘colder’.

Neptune’s Cave

The group has made it to the cave! Create the cave using natural materials either, building a den or performing the activity like you would when making an elf house .