Wild Sculptures | Outlearn Activity Guide

To be able to go into a woodland and simple create a wild sculpture is a great way of expressing yourself. The aim of this activity is to combine natural materials to produce a unique piece of art. This allows children to better understand nature, the environment and how to express their creative side.


Wild Sculptures

Look for loose natural materials such as leaves, sticks, grasses, pine cones etc. Find a patch of grass and make a character like the Gruffalo or make a collage of a bird, a dragon, a monster or whatever inspires you when you look at the natural materials.

Other Similar Activities

Shadow Art

This activity is best in the sunshine. Try and create a shadow creature by placing objects on either a log or a bench and as the sun is projecting the shadow onto the floor, you maybe be able to see a mystical creature.

Daisy and Dandelion Pictures

When the summer hits, you will see fields of daisies and dandelions that you can use to make faces/creatures/collages.

Safety Tips

Check whether the patch of grass is safe to work on. Wash your hands after the activity.