Make a Scavenging Stick | Outlearn Activities Guide

This great outdoor activity can send you on a journey, provide many new experiences. The aim of making a scavenging stick is to show yourself and others that you have been on a memorable walk. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to express story telling skills.


  • Coloured Wool/Elastic Bands
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Paints/Paint Brushes
  • Scissors


A Story Stick

Attach loose natural materials to a special stick with coloured wools, elastic bands or double sided tape. Use your stick to help tell a story. How about a detective story? Why didn’t the squirrel finish his nut? Maybe tell a well known story.

An Aboriginal Journey Stick

Decorate a stick to remind you of a journey to the woods, park, or to remember a special wild place you would like to go back to. Use coloured wools to represent natural colours and add natural materials you find on the way, such as grasses, long leaves, seeds, and feathers.

A Shaman’s Stick

Shamans are mystical characters, who live in wild places. Make a shaman’s stick for imaginary games, which you could wander between different worlds. Decorate it with natural colours and paint on a wild pattern. You could put items like; bells (to clear the air), feathers (birds represent the shaman’s spirit flight),or bones (they have the power to channel the spirits). Use only clean bones bleached by the sun, such as a rabbit’s skull or animal leg bone.

A Rainbow Stick

Wind double sided tape around a stick. Collect tiny pieces of colour, such as leaves, blades of grass, petals or seeds and stick these along the tape to make a rainbow effect.

Safety Tips

Wash your hands after the activity.