You've Been Drawing | Outlearn Activity Guide

What an opportunity for anyone to use charcoal as a pencil in creating something artistic. The aim of you’ve been drawing is to encourage our art skills and the ability to express what we want on natural materials, canvas or paper. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and the power of expression.


  • Fire Kit/Water/Gloves/Bucket
  • Charcoal (Ash Pencils)
  • Paper, Card, or Canvas


After having a fire use the charcoal to create observational drawings or a favourite memory of the day (make sure the charcoal is safe to touch). You can also use the charcoal to decorate the sitting logs around a fire pit (do not decorate the part people sit on as it will rub off onto clothes). You can also use charcoal for body art.

You could use this activity when setting up tribes for camp building activities I.e. the tribes design flags and body art ‘tattoos’ to give them a group identity. You could also link this activity with ‘you’ve been framed’ , by wrapping your canvased drawing over the frame.

Safety Tips

Make sure your adhering to best practise with regard to fire/group management around a fire. If anyone are using the ash pencil method then make sure they wait for the heat to go out of the stick (either place pencil into water or soil if unsure).