An Insight into Sir Isaac Newton | Outlearn Activity Guide

Sir Isaac Newton was a genius and his discoveries are the foundation of a lot of scientific and maths theories. This theme focuses on one of his discoveries, which was ‘universal gravitation (gravity).

The Walk

Go for a walk around the area you wish to carry out the activities. Talk about Sir Isaac Newton and ask your group, what they might know about him. If they don’t know then talk about gravity, laws of motion, and rainbows (refraction of light).

Sir Isaac Newton

Either in groups, or individually, create a piece of art, using natural materials, that represents something related to this great man.

Law of Gravity

Isaac Newton has discovered the law of universal gravitation. Split group into two teams, provide them with an egg and their task is to create a vessel that, when dropped from different heights will keep the egg (inside) safe.

Materials: Eggs, string, scissors, and natural resources (leaves, sticks, grass)

Fire Making

This section is all about getting your group confident to light, maintain, and put out a fire safely. When they are making a fire they must use good practice and show sensible behaviour throughout. Please see this link on making a fire . You could also toast marsh mellows too.

Materials: Please refer to this link on fire kit

The Canvas Apple

In pairs, or individually, using a small piece of canvas (or other fabric) and an ash pencil, draw an apple. You could colour the apple in using grasses and berries, which will stain the fabric giving the picture an enhanced fuller look.

Materials: Canvas, scissors, ash pencils (from fire), natural materials

The Gravity Challenge

Lets see how Sir Isaac Newton saw an apple drop then suddenly the magic happened, ‘Gravity’! Using your ‘canvas apple’, pierce a hole in each corner of the canvas, cut four pieces of string and tie each one to those holes, as seen above.

Make sure that no-one is close to the canvas apple as it eventually drops.