The Egg Challenge | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘The egg challenge’ focuses on a team to create, discuss, and produce a vessel for an egg. The aim of the egg challenge is to create a pod that the egg goes in to help soften the impact once dropped at certain heights. This allows children to better understand their engineering skills, how to work best with others, and time pressure.


  • Eggs
  • Natural Resources (Sticks, Grass, Leaves etc…)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • String
  • Newspaper


Split into teams and give them the challenge that they have to save ‘Humpty’ (the egg) from ‘THE GREAT FALL’. Get the teams to use either natural resources, if they are within the woodland or newspaper, pencils, rulers etc., if they are indoors.

Once they have all made their vessels then take all the ‘Humpty’s to ‘THE GREAT FALL’ area. At the area you will decide the different levels, which the Humpty’s will be dropped from. You or a member from each team can come to the front and perform the drop. After each drop, check whether they can go to the next round. The winners are the team that still have an egg, which has not broken.

Safety Tips

If anyone are using scissors then make sure they understand how to use them.