What's Under Here? | Outlearn Activity Guide

Have you ever wondered what lives under logs and leaves? The aim of what’s under here is to combine nature and graphs. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and how to create a pictograph.


  • Pencil/Ruler/Paper


Your group could equally use tally charts, bar charts etc. Instead of using pencils and paper to record your pictograph, why not use an ‘Ash pencil’ and a piece of wood. Ash pencils are made by burning a stick on a fire and using it once it is cold.

You could also make a pictograph using natural resources ( wild sculptures ). Using materials like leaves, sticks, grasses, pine cones, find a patch of grass, make a table out of sticks or any other resources. Then your set to find some bugs. An example of a pictograph Progression: Make a prediction of what kind of bugs could be there and how many you think you might see. Put that information into a tally chart etc then compare with what you did actually find.

Safety Tips

Make sure your adhering to the best practise with regard to group management around the woodland.