You've Been Framed | Outlearn Activity Guide

This tangible outdoor activity shows you how to create a memorable creation. The aim of you’ve been framed is to create a frame using thick sticks found in the woodland. This allows children to better understand knot tying, nature and their environment.


  • Vines/String
  • Secateurs/Scissors


You could either make a frame or get the group to find a decayed log or stick with a hole in it (e.g. using it like a telescope). What can you see?

To make a picture frame, lash four interesting sticks together using either creeper stems (vines) or string.

Twist creeper stems/string around it and then decorate with natural materials, poking them between the creeper stems and sticks.

You could then use the frame around a photo or a collage of a special place, or weave things across it.

An activity that could be linked with this is ‘You’ve Been Drawing’ . Have the canvas drawing suspended in the middle of the frame by using string to weave between the frame and the canvas.

Safety Tips

Use good practise when using secateurs and scissors, and wash your hands after the activity.