Treasure Hunt Counting | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Treasure hunt counting’ is a variation on scavenger hunt. The aim of treasure hunt counting is to match numbers with natural materials. This allows children to respect nature, the environment, and focus on materials not numbers.


  • White marker paint pens
  • Chalk
  • Number logs (optional)


When hunting for treasure within the natural environment, you will need to try and match your numbers. This means that if your number is for example five, you will have to think of a natural item that you can find five of. Write the number on a leaf and place it on the floor. Add the correct number of matching items under the numbered leaves. It is a more relaxed version of a scavenger hunt .

Progressing from this, you could get your group to use either chalk (if displaying on a path) or the number logs to make sums. For example, place two different values of leaves with a plus symbol in between them and a equal symbol at the end, then get the group to solve the sum.

Safety Tips

Wash your hands after the activity.