Scavenger Hunt | Outlearn Activity Guide

Hunting for different objects is a joyous outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of a scavenger hunt is to collect natural materials, which are based around the senses. This allows children to better understand nature, the environment and develop their explorative skills.


  • Bag


The scavenger hunt can be run by asking the group to pick up specific items e.g. find 3 different leaves or find a smooth stick. The hunt can also be changed to suit specific topics e.g. Maths; Find a twig that has a right angle on it or find a squared stone or even find 10 leaves.

As this scavenger hunt is in the sensory activities, below is a list of sensory items to find:

  • Smooth Stone
  • Wet Leaves x 3
  • Wiggly Sticks x 2
  • Something Crunchy
  • Something Gooey
  • Something Rough
  • Something Round
  • A Tickling Item

Safety Tips

To make sure that the group know the boundaries of where they can go. Make the group aware that if the leader whistles or says a word or phrase like ‘Back to BASE!’ they know to come back.