Shaping the Characters | Outlearn Activity Guide

In order to understand what the characters are feeling, you need to imagine you are one of them. The aim of shaping the characters is to gain a better understanding of what each character might be emotionally going through as the story progresses. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to embrace the story.


  • Paper/Pencil


Think about the characters within ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ story. Get into groups and pick a character. Discuss how that character maybe feeling, whilst preparing to either; steal from the three farms or defend them from Mr Fox and his friends.

Once your group has understood their feelings, now is the time to make the character out of natural resources (sticks/leaves/grass/seeds etc). To show how this character is feeling you will need to use the shapes shown below to explain their state.

You may wish to draw the character out on paper first to help you plan and have a visual understanding before you make a wild sculpture . Below is an example of how you could use the shapes to describe them.

Example of a Character


  • He is worried about not being able to give food to his family
  • Anxious that he will get caught trying to steal the supplies
  • He feels loved by his family and friends

Safety Tips

Wash your hands after.