Fire/Words/Mobile | Outlearn Activity Guide

The natural television (fire) is a great way of teasing words out of your mind. ‘Fire/words/mobiles’ aims to encourage us to think of words that can describe fire. This allows children to better understand nature and their environment and enhance there word collection.


  • Fire Kit /Water/Gloves/Bucket
  • Coloured Cards (Red, Yellow & Orange)
  • Hole Puncher
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Charcoal


When the group are sitting around the fire looking at the flames, ask them what they can see, think of adjectives about the fire (e.g. orange, flickering, hot, or sparkle).

Cut out flame shapes from the coloured cards and using charcoal, write a fire inspired word on each side of them, then using a hole puncher make a hole in the top (and maybe the bottom) of each flame and string them into a mobile. You can use twigs to space them out. Hang them from a tree near (but not near enough to catch alight!).

If you don’t have enough time, you could gather all the cards and read each one and then throw it into the flames.

Alternative versions for low ability children could be;


  • Fire/Draw/Mobile - Draw around hand/s, decorate using red and orange tissue paper to represent fire., and finally tie them to make a mobile.
  • Fire/Sticks/Mobile - Focus on the mobile then tie to a rod to burn.


Safety Tips

Make sure your adhering the best practise with regard to tool, fire and group management around a fire.