Chocolate Bananas | Outlearn Activity Guide

Combining chocolate, bananas, and fire is always a good concoction that makes a great activity. The aim of making chocolate bananas is to show fruit in a different light, and how fire can help create tasty delights. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and develop a foundation of culinary skills.


  • Chopping Board/Knife
  • Cooking Pot/Bowls/Spoons
  • Banana/Chocolate Buttons/Mini Marsh Mellows
  • Foil
  • Bin Bag
  • Grill (if you have one)
  • Fire Kit /Water/Gloves/Bucket


Take a square of foil, then put your banana in the centre. Carefully cut through the skin of the banana length ways. Slice through the flesh of the banana but be careful not to cut through the skin on the bottom.

Push chocolate buttons (both milk chocolate and white chocolate work well) into the slot. Add in some mini marsh mellows if you want, then carefully scrunch the foil around the banana to close it up like a parcel with a handle.

Carefully put in the hot embers of the fire or suspend it above on a grill and cook until the banana flesh is hot, soft and the chocolate has melted. Why not try other types of fruit other than bananas.

Safety Tips

Make sure your adhering to best practise with regard to fire management and group management around a fire. Be careful of the food being too hot.