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Outdoor Activities: Sheffield? - Wildlife encounters?

Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park Sheffield

Quicksaw Farm
Fulwood Lane
S10 4LH

01142 630033
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About Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park

Visit Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park and experience wildlife encounters in Sheffield. Kids are invited to take part, and the minimum age is 4 (limitations may apply).

They also provide activities for school trips (please contact to discuss your needs).

If you or anyone in your party has any special educational needs, please contact them in advance to discuss, and they will do their best to accommodate.

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park Opening Hours


Travelling to Quicksaw Farm?

Transport nearby

The nearest train station to Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park is:

  • Dore and Totley

The closest taxis to Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park are:

  • Haymarket
    Castlegate Bridge, S3 8LF
    4.81 miles away

  • Meadowhall
    Lower The Gallery, S9 1ER
    7.63 miles away

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  • Ego at The Dore Moor Inn
    Hathersage Road, S17 3AB
    1.43 miles away

  • Lavang
    Fulwood Road, S10 3QD
    1.91 miles away

  • Miller & Carter
    Ecclesall Road South, S11 9PW
    1.92 miles away

  • Tasty House
    Hangingwater Road, S11 7ES
    2.07 miles away

  • Almas Indian restaurant
    High Street, S17 3GU
    2.08 miles away

  • Dore Grill & Restaurant
    Church Lane, S17 3GR
    2.12 miles away

  • Rafters
    Oakbrook Road, S11 7ED
    2.13 miles away

  • Gigi's Cucina
    Oakbrook Road, S11 7EB
    2.23 miles away

  • Ranmoor Tandoori
    Fulwood Road, S10 3GD
    2.29 miles away

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  • The Norfolk Arms
    Ringinglow Road, S11 7TS
    0.18 miles away

  • The Fulwood Ale Club
    Brooklands Avenue, S10 4GA
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  • Dore Moor Inn
    Hathersage Road, S17 3AB
    1.4 miles away

  • The Sportsman
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    1.43 miles away

  • The Three Merry Lads
    Redmires Road, S10 4LJ
    1.48 miles away

  • The Shiny Sheff
    Crimicar Lane, S10 4EP
    1.59 miles away

  • The Hammer & Pincers
    Ringinglow Road, S11 7PW
    1.64 miles away

  • The Rising Sun
    Fulwood Road, S10 3QD
    1.87 miles away

  • Rising Sun
    Abbey Lane, S11 9ND
    2.05 miles away

  • The Devonshire Arms
    High Street, S17 3GU
    2.05 miles away

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Accommodation nearby
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    Psalter Lane, S11 8UR
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  • Halifax Hall
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  • Loadbrook Cottages
    Beeton Green, S6 6GT
    3.14 miles away

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