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Outdoor Activities: Sheffield? - Horse riding?

Cloughfields Equestrian Centre Sheffield

Clough Fields
S10 5PY

07990 821 232

About Cloughfields Equestrian Centre

Visit Cloughfields Equestrian Centre and experience horse riding in Sheffield. Children are invited to get involved, and the minimum age is 8 (restrictions may apply).

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Cloughfields Equestrian Centre website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

Travelling to Clough Fields?

Transport nearby

The nearest train station to Cloughfields Equestrian Centre is:

  • Sheffield

The closest taxis to Cloughfields Equestrian Centre are:

  • Haymarket
    Castlegate Bridge, S3 8LF
    2.34 miles away

  • Meadowhall
    Lower The Gallery, S9 1ER
    4.84 miles away

  • Phoenix Taxis
    Masbrough Street, S60 1HW
    6.97 miles away

  • Gold Star Taxis
    Unity Place, S60 1AR
    7.4 miles away

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Restaurants nearby
  • Casanova
    Crookes, S10 1TG
    0.54 miles away

  • Indian Chef
    Crookes, S10 1UH
    0.54 miles away

  • Zara’s
    Crookes, S10 1TH
    0.56 miles away

  • No Name Bistro
    Crookes, S10 1TF
    0.58 miles away

  • Paesani
    Crookes, S10 1TF
    0.58 miles away

  • San Lorenzo
    Northfield Road, S10 1QU
    0.61 miles away

  • Jaflong
    Northfield Road, S10 1QU
    0.62 miles away

  • Canton Orchard
    Fulwood Road, S10 3FR
    0.9 miles away

  • Sun House
    Fulwood Road, S10 3BD
    0.93 miles away

  • Ranmoor Tandoori
    Fulwood Road, S10 3GD
    0.93 miles away

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Pubs and bars nearby
  • The Sportsman
    Benty Lane, S10 5NF
    0.29 miles away

  • Crosspool Tavern
    Manchester Road, S10 5DT
    0.33 miles away

  • The Ball
    Crookes, S10 1UD
    0.51 miles away

  • The Masons Arms
    Carson Road, S10 1UR
    0.54 miles away

  • Two Sheds
    Crookes, S10 1TF
    0.56 miles away

  • The Punch Bowl
    Crookes, S10 1TH
    0.56 miles away

  • The Hollybush
    Hollins Lane, S6 5GL
    0.59 miles away

  • Early Bar
    Crookes, S10 1UG
    0.6 miles away

  • Noah's Ark
    Crookes, S10 1UG
    0.62 miles away

  • The Old Grindstone
    Crookes, S10 1UA
    0.7 miles away

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Accommodation nearby
  • Quarry House
    Roscoe Bank, S6 5SD
    0.56 miles away

  • Kristin’s Place
    Commonside, S10 1GA
    0.99 miles away

  • The Martins Guest House
    Fulwood Road, S10 3GE
    1.08 miles away

  • Jonas Hotel
    Endcliffe Vale Road, S10 3ER
    1.09 miles away

  • Halifax Hall
    Endcliffe Vale Road, S10 3ER
    1.11 miles away

  • The Rutland Hotel
    Glossop Road, S10 2PY
    1.15 miles away

  • Russell Scott Backpackers Hostel
    Blake Street Nature Reserve, S6 3JU
    1.37 miles away

  • Brocco On The Park
    Brocco Bank, S11 8RS
    1.38 miles away

  • Coniston Guest House
    Beechwood Road, S6 4LQ
    1.4 miles away

  • The Psalter
    Psalter Lane, S11 8UR
    1.59 miles away

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