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Outdoor Activities: Plymouth? - Horse riding?

Shilstone Rocks Riding Centre Plymouth

Chittle-Ford Farm
Widecombe in the Moor
Newton Abbot
TQ13 7TF

01364 621 281
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About Shilstone Rocks Riding Centre

Visit Shilstone Rocks Riding Centre and experience horse riding in Plymouth. Kids are welcome to take part, and the minimum age is 5 (limitations may apply).

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Shilstone Rocks Riding Centre website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

Travelling to Chittle-Ford Farm?

Transport nearby

The nearest train station to Shilstone Rocks Riding Centre is:

  • Newton Abbot
Restaurants nearby
  • Badger's Holt
    B3357, PL20 6SG
    3.41 miles away

  • The Old Library
    Ashburn Close, TQ13 7QQ
    4.34 miles away

  • The Grange
    Buckfast Road, TQ11 0EJ
    5.45 miles away

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Pubs and bars nearby
  • Rugglestone Inn
    B3387, TQ13 7TF
    0.29 miles away

  • The Old Inn
    B3387, TQ13 7TA
    0.49 miles away

  • Tavistock Inn
    Dr Blackall's Drive, TQ13 7NY
    2.66 miles away

  • the Rock
    B3387, TQ13 9XY
    3.16 miles away

  • Kestor Inn
    Horsham Steps, TQ13 9UF
    3.63 miles away

  • Carpenters Arms
    Old Town Hill, TQ13 9RL
    3.98 miles away

  • Church House Inn
    Michelcombe Lane, TQ13 7SJ
    4.17 miles away

  • Warren House Inn
    B3212, PL20 6TA
    4.21 miles away

  • Old Exeter Inn
    West Street, TQ13 7DT
    4.39 miles away

  • Silent Whistle
    St Lawrence Lane, TQ13 7DD
    4.47 miles away

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Accommodation nearby
  • The Old Rectory
    B3387, TQ13 7TA
    0.47 miles away

  • Wooder Manor
    B3387, TQ13 7TA
    1.02 miles away

  • Dartmoor Expedition Centre
    UCR (TRO'd to March 2022), TQ13 7UB
    1.37 miles away

  • Holwell Bungalows
    Becca Brook Clapper Bridge, TQ13 7TT
    1.51 miles away

  • Great HoundTor Camping Barn
    Clapper Bridge, TQ13 9UW
    2.73 miles away

  • Moorlands
    B3387, TQ13 9XT
    2.94 miles away

  • Holne Chase
    Buckland Bridge, TQ13 7NU
    3.19 miles away

  • Yarner House
    Haytor Granite Tramway, TQ13 9XY
    3.57 miles away

  • Coach House
    Holne Bridge, TQ13 7NR
    3.74 miles away

  • Lavender House Hotel
    Bowden Hill, TQ13 7QY
    4.19 miles away

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