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Outdoor Activities: Leeds? - Wildlife encounters?

Tropical World Leeds

Princes Avenue

0113 237 0754
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About Tropical World

Visit Tropical World and experience wildlife encounters in Leeds. Kids are welcome to get involved, and the minimum age for activity participation is 0 (limitations may apply).

They also provide activities for school trips (please contact to discuss your needs).

If you or anyone in your group has a disability or has any special educational needs, please contact them in advance to discuss, and they will do their best to accommodate.

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Tropical World website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

Tropical World Opening Hours


Travelling to Princes Avenue?

Transport nearby

The nearest train station to Tropical World is:

  • Cross Gates

The closest taxis to Tropical World are:

  • White Rose Cars
    North Street, LS7 2AA
    2.6 miles away

  • Wheels - Licensed Private Hire - 249 9999
    Gipton Approach, LS9 6NW
    2.66 miles away

  • Speedline
    Cherry Row, LS9 7LY
    2.7 miles away

  • Street Cars
    New Briggate, LS1 6NU
    3.11 miles away

  • Its Road Runners
    Austhorpe Road, LS15 8DJ
    3.14 miles away

  • Royal Cars
    Royal Park Road, LS6 1JT
    3.41 miles away

  • Central Cars
    Bridge End, LS1 4DJ
    3.59 miles away

  • South Leeds & Hunslet Cars
    Stafford Street, LS10 1NL
    4.07 miles away

  • Beeston Line
    Dewsbury Road, LS11 5NW
    4.52 miles away

  • T-Line
    Vesper Road, LS5 3QT
    4.67 miles away

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Restaurants nearby
  • The Roundhay Fox
    Princes Avenue, LS8 2EP
    0.03 miles away

  • San Carlo Flying Pizza
    Street Lane, LS8 2DQ
    0.32 miles away

  • Banyan
    Street Lane, LS8 2DQ
    0.33 miles away

  • Fanoosh
    Street Lane, LS8 1AP
    0.33 miles away

  • Del Verde
    Park Lane, LS8 2EJ
    0.37 miles away

  • Aarti
    Street Lane, LS8 2AL
    0.45 miles away

  • The Lakeside Cafe
    Park Avenue, LS8 2JL
    0.46 miles away

  • PizzaExpress
    Street Lane, LS8 2AL
    0.46 miles away

  • The Olive Branch
    Street Lane, LS8 1AA
    0.63 miles away

  • The Leeds Deli
    Chelwood Drive, LS8 2AT
    0.82 miles away

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Pubs and bars nearby
  • Roundhay Fox Pub/restuarant
    Princes Avenue, LS8 2EP
    0.04 miles away

  • The Deer Park
    Street Lane, LS8 2DQ
    0.36 miles away

  • The Thomas Osborne
    Street Lane, LS8 1AP
    0.41 miles away

  • White House
    Wetherby Road, LS8 2JU
    0.71 miles away

  • Stew And Oyster
    Roundhay Road, LS8 2HU
    0.9 miles away

  • Preston
    Roundhay Road, LS8 2HU
    0.93 miles away

  • Tobias
    Roundhay Road, LS8 4BA
    0.93 miles away

  • Mr Schnapps Sports Bar
    Roundhay Road, LS8 4AR
    1.04 miles away

  • The Roundhay
    Roundhay Road, LS8 4AR
    1.09 miles away

  • Corner House Club
    Lidgett Lane, LS17 6QE
    1.21 miles away

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Accommodation nearby
  • Beechwood Hotel
    Street Lane, LS8 2ET
    0.21 miles away

  • High Bank hotel
    Harehills Lane, LS7 4HA
    1.46 miles away

  • The Clock Hotel
    Roundhay Road, LS8 4HT
    1.53 miles away

  • The Avenue Hotel
    Harehills Avenue, LS8 4ET
    1.58 miles away

  • Britannia Hotel
    A64, LS14 5QF
    2.29 miles away

  • The Kingston Hotel
    Kingston Terrace, LS2 9BW
    2.91 miles away

  • Premier Inn
    Clay Pit Lane, LS2 8BQ
    2.97 miles away

  • Art Hostel
    Saint Mary's Street, LS9 7EH
    3.01 miles away

  • St John's Hostel
    Hyde Park Road, LS6 1AG
    3.01 miles away

  • Hampton by Hilton Leeds City Centre
    Gower Street, LS2 7BP
    3.02 miles away

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