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Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club Glasgow

366 Hamilton Rd

07801 283 956
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About Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club

Visit Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club and experience sailing in Glasgow. Kids are invited to get involved, and the minimum age for activity participation is 8 (limitations may apply).

Please note, this is a members only club.

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

Travelling to 366 Hamilton Rd?

Transport nearby

The nearest train station to Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club is:

  • Hamilton Central

The closest taxis to Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club are:

  • Uddingston station
    Girdons Way, G71 7ED
    3.64 miles away

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Restaurants nearby
  • Pizza Hut
    A72, ML3 6AD
    0.53 miles away

  • Bombay Cottage
    Lower Auchingramont Road, ML3 6HG
    0.84 miles away

  • The Ocean
    Lindum Crescent, ML1 3NY
    0.84 miles away

  • Spice
    Bothwell Road, ML3 0AS
    0.95 miles away

  • 4 Seasons
    Arthur Street, ML3 0AS
    0.97 miles away

  • Ronzio
    Quarry Street, ML3 7DR
    0.97 miles away

  • Leonardo's
    Barrack Street, ML3 0DG
    0.99 miles away

  • Chung's Finest Cantonese Cuisine Take-away
    Quarry Street, ML3 7DR
    1.01 miles away

  • Café Eataliano
    Almada Street, ML3 0HQ
    1.06 miles away

  • Kurry Lounge
    Brandon Street, ML3 6AF
    1.07 miles away

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Pubs and bars nearby
  • Bar Zero
    Keith Street, ML3 7BL
    0.73 miles away

  • Doherty's
    Castle Street, ML3 6BU
    0.73 miles away

  • Hemingways
    Keith Street, ML3 7BQ
    0.78 miles away

  • Manhattan
    Quarry Street, ML3 7AH
    0.8 miles away

  • Stonehouse
    Campbell Street, ML3 6ED
    0.81 miles away

  • The Courtyard
    Campbell Street, ML3 6ED
    0.81 miles away

  • The Brass Button
    Lindum Crescent, ML1 3NY
    0.81 miles away

  • ML3 Bar+
    Muir Street, ML3 6EP
    0.93 miles away

  • The Milano Bar
    Carlisle Road, ML3 7JB
    0.96 miles away

  • Jilt's Bar
    Brandon Street, ML3 6AB
    0.97 miles away

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Accommodation nearby
  • Days Inn
    , ML3 6JW
    0.51 miles away

  • Holiday Inn Express
    Keith Street, ML3 7BL
    0.7 miles away

  • Avonbridge Hotel
    Carlisle Road, ML3 7DB
    0.93 miles away

  • The Moorings
    Hamilton Road, ML1 3DG
    0.94 miles away

  • Hampton by Hilton Hamilton Park
    Bothwell Road, ML3 0DW
    1.11 miles away

  • Bentley Hotel
    High Road, ML1 3JA
    1.12 miles away

  • The Clydesdale Hotel
    Clydesdale Street, ML3 0DP
    1.2 miles away

  • Alona Hotel
    Clyde Walkway, G71 8NY
    1.3 miles away

  • The Villa Hotel
    Burnbank Road, ML3 9AL
    1.46 miles away

  • Holiday Inn Express
    M74, ML1 3WB
    1.53 miles away

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