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Driftwood Adventure Edinburgh

217 Colinton Mains Drive
EH13 9AN

07495 986140 / 07834 354929


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About Driftwood Adventure

Driftwood Adventure provides activities, including climbing, kayaking and paddle boarding in Edinburgh.

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Driftwood Adventure website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

Driftwood Adventure Opening Hours


Travelling to 217 Colinton Mains Drive?

Transport nearby

The nearest train station to Driftwood Adventure is:

  • Slateford

The closest taxis to Driftwood Adventure are:

  • Oxgangs Street
    Oxgangs Bank, EH13 9JT
    0.54 miles away

  • Cluny Avenue
    Cluny Avenue, EH10 5HY
    1.45 miles away

  • Newbattle Terrace
    Newbattle Terrace, EH10 4BX
    1.73 miles away

  • Wester Hailes Centre
    Murrayburn Gate, EH14 2RW
    1.98 miles away

  • Merchiston Place
    Merchiston Place, EH10 4NP
    1.99 miles away

  • Marchmont Road
    Warrender Park Road, EH9 1HH
    2.48 miles away

  • Murrayfield Avenue
    Murrayfield Avenue, EH12 6AU
    2.49 miles away

  • Sciennes Road
    Sciennes Road, EH9 1TP
    2.59 miles away

  • Grosvenor Street
    Grosvenor Street, EH12 5ED
    2.6 miles away

  • International Conference Centre
    Morrison Street, EH3 8BX
    2.64 miles away

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Restaurants nearby
  • Osteria Dei Sapori
    Bridge Road, EH13 0LF
    0.82 miles away

  • Dantes
    Bridge Road, EH13 0LQ
    0.91 miles away

  • Buckstone Bistro
    Braid Road, EH10 6JD
    1.01 miles away

  • Mr Lin
    Kingsknowe Park, EH14 2JQ
    1.08 miles away

  • Charwood
    Buckstone Terrace, EH10 6QJ
    1.16 miles away

  • Fun Pot Chinese
    New Market Road, EH14 1RJ
    1.22 miles away

  • Dine Craiglockhart
    Colinton Road, EH14 1AL
    1.23 miles away

  • 帝豪酒家 Imperial Palace
    Inglis Green Road, EH14 2ER
    1.24 miles away

  • Polish Bites
    Comiston Road, EH10 6AQ
    1.25 miles away

  • Swanston Brasserie
    Swanston Road, EH10 7DT
    1.35 miles away

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Pubs and bars nearby
  • Good Companions
    Oxgangs Bank, EH13 9LG
    0.57 miles away

  • Hunter's Tryst
    Oxgangs Road, EH13 9NG
    0.78 miles away

  • Colinton Inn
    Bridge Road, EH13 0LQ
    0.84 miles away

  • The Spylaw
    Spylaw Street, EH13 0JT
    0.92 miles away

  • Buckstone Pub
    Braid Road, EH10 6JD
    1 miles away

  • Village Inn
    Inglis Green Road, EH14 2ER
    1.27 miles away

  • The New Kingsknowe
    Kingsknowe Road North, EH14 2ED
    1.3 miles away

  • The Hermitage
    Comiston Road, EH10 6AD
    1.4 miles away

  • The Waiting Room
    Belhaven Terrace, EH10 5HZ
    1.41 miles away

  • Bennets
    Maxwell Street, EH10 5HT
    1.49 miles away

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Accommodation nearby
  • Travelodge
    Dreghorn Link, EH13 9QR
    0.69 miles away

  • Braid Hills Hotel
    Braid Road, EH10 6JB
    0.99 miles away

  • Crosskeys Studios
    Lanark Road, EH14 1TL
    1 miles away

  • Number 27 Morningside
    Braid Crescent, EH10 6AX
    1.19 miles away

  • Lindsay Guest House
    Polwarth Terrace, EH11 1NN
    1.37 miles away

  • Badjao B&B
    Slateford Road, EH14 1PP
    1.41 miles away

  • The Lane
    Canaan Lane, EH10 4SY
    1.58 miles away

  • Sandeman House
    Colinton Road, EH10 5DR
    1.84 miles away

  • Ardmillan Hotel
    Ardmillan Terrace, EH11 2JW
    1.96 miles away

  • Edinburgh Caledonian
    Granville Terrace, EH10 4PQ
    2.05 miles away

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