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Paintball Bristol Bristol

Common Wood
BS39 4NT

08452 603 993
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About Paintball Bristol

Visit Paintball Bristol and experience paintballing in Bristol. Children are welcome to get involved, and the minimum age for activity participation is 12 (limitations may apply).

They also provide activities for corporate days out (please contact to discuss your needs).

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Paintball Bristol website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

Travelling to Common Wood?

Transport nearby

The nearest train station to Paintball Bristol is:

  • Keynsham

The closest taxis to Paintball Bristol are:

  • KMJ Taxis
    High Street, BS31 1DQ
    3.99 miles away

  • AFC Taxis
    Hengrove Lane, BS14 9DB
    5.21 miles away

  • Bravo's Car Rental & Taxis
    Church Parade, BS4 5BG
    5.44 miles away

  • WC Park & Fly
    Whitchurch Lane, BS13 7TE
    5.8 miles away

  • V Cars
    Monmouth Street, BA1 2AJ
    6.39 miles away

  • Abbey Taxi's
    South Parade, BA2 4AD
    6.62 miles away

  • Bristol Blue Line Taxis
    Victor Road, BS3 3BU
    6.84 miles away

  • Yellow Cab Company
    Bedminster Parade, BS3 4HY
    6.94 miles away

  • Club Cars
    North Street, BS3 1HW
    7.03 miles away

  • A2B
    Church Road, BS5 9HN
    7.17 miles away

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Restaurants nearby
  • The Refectory
    Eastern Terrace, BA2 9BN
    3.22 miles away

  • Halfway House
    Golf Club Lane, BS31 3AA
    3.31 miles away

  • Orangery Restaurant
    Norton Lane, BS14 0BT
    3.31 miles away

  • The Thai
    Bath Road, BS31 3BA
    3.63 miles away

  • Golden Moments
    Bath Road, BS31 3HQ
    3.64 miles away

  • Flourish Foodhall & Kitchen
    Bath Road, BS31 1TL
    3.7 miles away

  • The Riverside Inn
    The Shallows, BS31 3EZ
    3.7 miles away

  • Laviano's
    Temple Street, BS31 1EH
    3.72 miles away

  • La Famiglia
    Bath Road, BS31 1TN
    3.77 miles away

  • Europa Restaurant
    Market Walk, BS31 1FS
    3.78 miles away

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Pubs and bars nearby
  • The New Inn
    A39, BA2 0EG
    1.18 miles away

  • The Compton Inn
    Church Lane, BS39 4JZ
    1.32 miles away

  • The Butchers Arms
    The Mead, BA2 0AE
    1.47 miles away

  • Hunter's Rest
    King Lane, BS39 5QL
    1.68 miles away

  • The George & Dragon
    High Street, BS39 4BH
    1.92 miles away

  • The Rising Sun
    Church Street, BS39 4AQ
    2.04 miles away

  • The Carpenters Arms
    Wick Lane, BS39 4BX
    2.05 miles away

  • Wheatsheaf
    A39, BA2 9HB
    2.18 miles away

  • Traveller's Rest
    Pensford Hill, BS39 4JF
    2.29 miles away

  • The Railway Inn
    Batch Lane, BS39 5PD
    2.4 miles away

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Accommodation nearby
  • The Pig
    A368, BS39 4NS
    0.21 miles away

  • School Cottages
    The Street, BA2 0AR
    1.26 miles away

  • Cottage Garden B&B
    Fairy Hill, BS39 4LH
    1.55 miles away

  • The Hollies
    Pensford Hill, BS39 4AA
    2.18 miles away

  • Corston Fields Farm
    A39, BA2 9EZ
    2.29 miles away

  • The SummerHouse
    Stanton Road, BS39 4JJ
    2.53 miles away

  • Conygre
    Radford Hill, BA2 0QQ
    2.88 miles away

  • Radford Villa B&B
    Weekesley Lane, BA2 0QF
    3.2 miles away

  • The Tithe Barn
    Sandy Lane, BS39 4EL
    3.24 miles away

  • The Old Malt House
    Radford Hill, BA2 0QF
    3.25 miles away

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