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Outdoor Activities: Bristol? - Horse riding?

Gallop View Stables Bristol

Horse Race Lane

07733 226 219
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About Gallop View Stables

Visit Gallop View Stables and experience horse riding in Bristol. Children are invited to get involved, and the minimum age is 4 (restrictions may apply).

If you or anyone in your group has any special educational needs, please contact them in advance to discuss, and they will do their best to accommodate.

For information of costs and how to book, visit the Gallop View Stables website or get in touch with them via the details above.

Where to find them

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The nearest train station to Gallop View Stables is:

  • Shirehampton

The closest taxis to Gallop View Stables are:

  • Club Cars
    North Street, BS3 1HW
    4.35 miles away

  • Bristol Blue Line Taxis
    Victor Road, BS3 3BU
    4.44 miles away

  • Arrow Cars
    North Side Road, BS48 3DY
    4.48 miles away

  • B' Driven
    High Street, BS9 3DZ
    4.76 miles away

  • Yellow Cab Company
    Bedminster Parade, BS3 4HY
    4.84 miles away

  • WC Park & Fly
    Whitchurch Lane, BS13 7TE
    4.85 miles away

  • Bristol Taxis Ltd
    Cheltenham Road, BS6 5QZ
    4.97 miles away

  • Haywards Chaffeurs
    Severn Road, BS10 7SH
    5.25 miles away

  • AA Taxis
    Lawford Street, BS2 0DH
    5.37 miles away

  • Dad's Cabs
    Grosvenor Road, BS2 8YA
    5.41 miles away

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Restaurants nearby
  • The Rudgleigh Restaurant
    Martcombe Road, BS20 0QD
    1.5 miles away

  • The Food Barn
    Clevedon Road, BS48 1PA
    1.52 miles away

  • The Anchor
    Ham Green, BS20 0HB
    1.92 miles away

  • Curry House
    Pump Square, BS20 0BG
    2.24 miles away

  • Posh Spice
    High Street, BS48 1AS
    2.46 miles away

  • Il Paradiso
    High Street, BS48 1AH
    2.53 miles away

  • Ali Mahal
    Station Road, BS11 9TS
    2.83 miles away

  • Brittania Spice
    Dark Lane, BS48 3NP
    3 miles away

  • Spicy Aroma
    High Street, BS20 6PY
    3.32 miles away

  • The Bridge Cafe
    Sion Hill, BS8 4LD
    3.42 miles away

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Pubs and bars nearby
  • Failand Inn
    Clevedon Road, BS8 3TU
    0.51 miles away

  • The Battleaxes
    Bristol Road, BS48 1LQ
    1.24 miles away

  • The Kings Arms
    Saint Georges Hill, BS20 0PS
    1.69 miles away

  • The Priory
    Station Road, BS20 7TN
    1.79 miles away

  • The George Inn
    Manor Road, BS8 3RP
    1.97 miles away

  • Kings Head Inn
    Heywood Road, BS20 0HT
    2.02 miles away

  • The Jubilee Inn
    Main Road, BS48 3QX
    2.1 miles away

  • The Miners Rest
    Providence Lane, BS41 9DJ
    2.12 miles away

  • The Star Inn
    Bank Place, BS20 0AQ
    2.13 miles away

  • Sawyers
    High Street, BS48 1BT
    2.16 miles away

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Accommodation nearby
  • Ramada by Wyndham Bristol West
    , BS20 7XG
    1.73 miles away

  • Highdale B&B
    Silver Street, BS48 2AA
    2.87 miles away

  • Bradford Lodge
    Avonmouth Road, BS11 9LW
    3.23 miles away

  • Premier Inn
    Serbert Way, BS20 7GA
    3.24 miles away

  • Avonmouth Guest House
    Avonmouth Road, BS11 9EN
    3.33 miles away

  • Royal Hotel
    Gloucester Road, BS11 9AD
    3.34 miles away

  • Avon Gorge Hotel
    Sion Hill, BS8 4LD
    3.41 miles away

  • ibis budget Portishead Marina
    Harbour Road, BS20 7DE
    3.49 miles away

  • Rodney Hotel
    Rodney Place, BS8 4HY
    3.65 miles away

  • Clift Guest House
    Clift House Road, BS3 1RY
    3.73 miles away

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