What is it? | Outlearn Activity Guide

This activity is a classic game that is played by all, suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of what is it, is to blend natural materials together to produce a unique sensory activity. This allows children to better understand natural objects and intensify their senses.


  • Draw String Bag
  • Range of Natural Objects


Collecting a range of natural objects like; a pine cone, a twig, a conker, a feather, a leaf, some mosh, a snail shell, or a stone, and putting them into a draw string bag. Choose someone to put their hand in the bag and pick an object.

They must not take their hand out of the bag, but describe to the rest of the group what they are feeling (touching). When someone guesses correctly, the person removes that object and it then becomes the guessers turn to put their hand in the bag. Why not slip in a few surprises like a toy spider or some sheep wool.

Alternative Version

You could change this activity into a sorting type activity by having man-made objects and natural objects and seeing if anyone knows the difference.

Safety Tips

Put your hands into the bag slowly, just in case an object jabs you.