Wave - Hide and Seek | Outlearn Activity Guide

This adaptation has revamped the classic game of hide and seek. The aim of wave - hide and seek is to find all the hiders. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment, and how to follow the rules of a game.


  • Rope (or use sticks)


The group creates a circle or assigns a designated area. A seeker is chosen and the rest go to hide. After the seeker has counted up to their proposed number (i.e 60 seconds), they go and find the hiders.

When the seeker finds a hider, they say that person’s name and the hider then has to go to the circle or the designated area.

In order to go and hide again they must see another hider, still in the game, waving at them. If this happens the person who is now in the circle can go and hide once again. The game is complete when all players are in the circle.

Safety Tips

Do a visual scan for any trip hazards on the floor. Space awareness—make sure that everyone is aware of each other.