The Shoe Relay | Outlearn Activity Guide

A great activity if you are needing to work on your shoe tying skills. The aim of the shoe relay is to combine speed and precision, to hopefully be the other team. This allows children to better understand team work, cooperation, strategy and express their shoe lace skills.


  • Shoes


The group is split into equal teams and lined up (sitting) behind the start line. If you don’t have enough for two team then just have one line and try and get them to bet their own time.

Phase 1

Explain to the teams that they will have to get to a designated line, take their shoes off, neatly place them behind the line then go back to their group. Once they have high fived their team member, they then sit at the back of their line. Once all the teams have completed the relay, the lead will only accept they have finished, if their shoes are in a line and they themselves are in a line and quiet.

Phase 2

You ask all the kids to close their eyes, while the lead is messing up all the shoes by throwing them all over the place. The next section is for the teams to put their shoes on again. They have to go to each shoe put it on then go to their other shoe. If they gather their shoes and put them on, the lead will ask them to wait for a minute then go back to their group. The relay will finish when the teams are all in straight lines and quiet.

Safety Tips

Do a visual scan for any trip hazards on the floor.