The Ruler of Rulers | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘The ruler of rulers’ need to be alert and focused on the numbers in order to stay at the top. The aim of the ruler of rulers is about concentration and reactions. This allows children to better understand their environment, their listening skills and how to follow the rules of a game.


  • Chairs


Each person has a chair, line them up in a line facing one side, making it easier for the group to count each other off (or two lines facing inward/half circle/whole circle to change the way the group have to count each other off). Get the group to sit on a seat, 1 being the highest e.g. if there’s 10 people then its 1 to 10.

The leader starts by announcing that the ‘Ruler of Rulers’ has lost their crown and number ‘?’ has it!’ You then start counting to 5. In that time, the accused has to stand up and say ‘No sir, not I sir, number ‘?’ has it!’ You then start counting again and the newly accused person has to stand up and repeat the process.

If the accused person does not stand up by the count of 5, then that person is out. Everyone shuffles up and the process starts again. Remember to remove the seats and that it is the seats which are numbered not the people.

Other ways that people can get knocked out of the game are by standing up when their number has not been called, or calling out a number that doesn’t exist, even calling out their own number.

Once everyone gets the idea then start making it more challenging by calling out a number but looking at someone else, or the leader could count to five while walking to someone to try and put them off etc. The winner is the last person still in the game.

Safety Tips

Do a visual scan for any trip hazards on the floor. Space awareness—make sure that everyone doesn’t bump into each other.