The Cunning Plan | Outlearn Activity Guide

This measuring based activity will get you into the mindset of how clever and cunning the fox is. The aim of the cunning plan is to create a course that will run around all the farms. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to embrace the story.


  • Three Farmers (could be members or toys)
  • Measuring Tape


Define your farm areas and make a course that will go from your lair to and around all the farms and back to your lair again (home).

Measure the distance of the course using either a long stick, string, measuring tape or long strides. Use a tally chart as a way of marking how many sticks or strides it takes around each farm course. Which is the longest/shortest course?

Put one, two or three farmers onto the course. What do you need to change to the course to get around the farmers? Which is now the longest/shortest course?

Safety Tips

Be aware of what is on the floors of the woodland, if creating a crawling section of the course.