Spider & Flies | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Spider & Flies’ is a version of the classic bulldog game. The aim of spider & flies is to combine speed and mobility to not get caught. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to express their love for wide games.


This is a tame version of the classic bulldog game. One person is the spider and everyone else are known as flies, who stand at a base. The bases can be defined by touching a suitable object, for example a tree, a log or stood in a roped hoop or on a tarpaulin. Establish all the boundaries for this game. The spider shouts out ‘fly little flies’ everyone must fly (flapping their arms) to the other end of the playing area where there is another ‘base’. If they are tagged by the spider, they must stop and are now stuck on that spot. They can however move their arms and tag people as they run past. They now have become the spiders web and help the spider to catch the flies.

The spider calls out again ‘fly little flies’ and the flies must run to the other base. If they are tagged by either the spider or the ‘web’ they too are stuck to the spot. This continues until everyone has been caught except one who is declared the winner.

Safety Tips

Do a visual scan for any trip hazards on the floor. Space awareness—make sure that the group do not bump into each other.