Scavenger Hunt | Outlearn Activity Guide

Discovering a new place could be done by exploring for certain items. The aim of scavenger hunt is to use your hunting and counting skills. This allows children to better understand where to try and find items and gives them the opportunity to count for a purpose.


  • Bags


The scavenger hunt can be run by asking the group to pick up specific items e.g. find 3 different leaves or find 1 smooth barked tree. The hunt can also be changed to suit specific lessons e.g. maths; Find a twig that has a right angle on it, find a squared stone, or find 10 leaves.

Below is a list of items to help you get started:


  • A Gooey object
  • 2 Wet leaves
  • 3 Wiggly sticks
  • 4 Crunchy items
  • 5 Blades of grass
  • 6 Rough stones
  • 7 Round objects
  • 8 Different plant seeds

Safety Tips

To make sure that the group know the boundaries of where they can go and that they know that when the leader whistles or says a phrase, back to BASE, they know to come back.