Pine Cone Palace | Outlearn Activity Guide

Helping ladybirds and other bugs find a home is what this activity is all about. The aim of pine cone palace is to combine natural materials into a home for the little ladybirds. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to express their creativity.


  • Pine Cones/Leaves
  • String/Chicken Wire and Wire/or Wired Hanging Baskets
  • Scissors (if using string)/Wire Cutters (if using chicken wire)


Gather pine cones and put them together so that they interlock. Attach a handful together, either by using string or create a wire ball out of chicken wire to keep them all together. Any gaps in this creation, place leaves so all space is used.

Then once you have your pine cone palace, either hang from a tree, or place on the ground in an area that stays mainly dry all the time.

Safety Tips

Make sure your adhering to best practise with regard to tool management.