Number Swap | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Number Swap’ is a team oriented outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of number swap is to understand where numbers have to be and order them correctly. This allows children to listen to each other and work closely with others.


  • Numbered Vests (optional)
  • Numbered Log Discs (optional)


Each member of the group is given a number (numbered vest/log disc). They all get into a line, and reorder themselves into the correct position depending on their number.

The groups movements may also be restricted to a bench or between two parallel lines drawn in the soil.

Variations on this activity could include separating all the odd numbers and even numbers. You could also look at everyone’s date of birth, age or how many family members they have?

Safety Tips

Check whether the balancing beam is safe to work on. Check that the ground around the activity is a safe working area.