Natural Symmetry | Outlearn Activity Guide

Can you find symmetry within the natural world. The aim of this activity is to find natural material and use a mirror to investigate whether they have symmetry or not. This allows children to better understand how to look for symmetrical items in the natural environment.


  • Mirrors
  • Scissors


In pairs, find leaves or other natural materials and place a mirror at 90 degrees at the mid point on the natural object. You can then see a symmetrical view of the object with a mirror but the question is then asked, ‘Does this object have symmetry?’ Once the question has been asked, pull the mirror away to reveal whether or not that object has symmetry (symmetrical) or not (asymmetrical).

Adding to this activity, collect four different types of leaves (or other natural objects) then cut them up the middle (in half). Once this has been done place or stick on paper and then proceed to draw, which will create a symmetrical picture.

Safety Tips

To remember not to run in the woodland.