Natural Quantities | Outlearn Activity Guide

The woodland has loads of resources for you to create great quantities in either the soil, or on top of the soil. The aim of natural quantities is look into two activities; ‘show me’ and fraction wall. This allows children to better understand quantities and also shows them how to represent a number in a different way.


Show Me

Call out a number to your team and make them create that number by either drawing a tally chart, drawing a number (e.g. 7) in the soil, getting a leaf with the number of spikes, or even becoming the number itself.

Fraction Wall

Create a fraction wall out of sticks, see page photograph. Once they have created the wall, ask them to match the quantity to the number of sticks. For example, show me what 1 stick is, then show me a 1/4 of the stick.

Safety Tips

When braking the sticks, make sure the sticks are facing away from others. Wash your hands after the activity.