Mud Pit | Outlearn Activity Guide

Get messy in this fun outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of a mud pit is to combine natural materials to produce a unique play area. This allows children the freedom to use their imagination, creativity, and senses within the natural world.


  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Toys (cars/soldiers/animals)


Make a mud pit by pouring a lot of water on a soiled area or wait until a storm has been. Once you’ve got the correct muddy substance, then it is time to get muddy. Either put you hands in and see what shapes emerge or take off your shoes & socks and imagine you’re a ‘mud lark’, using your feet to try and find hidden treasure.

Try making imaginary worlds with mountains and volcanoes, lakes and rivers, roads and railways. Take the toy cars, soldiers or animals out for an exciting adventure in your magical muddy world.

Go on a journey after the rain and look for a line of puddles or a temporary stream. Can you make dams with mud, sticks and stones? Make little pools, and then release the water into another puddle or back into the stream. Try to fill one huge puddle. How far can you float a leaf or a feather down the stream?

Safety Tips

To check the ground for sharp objects (hazards) before you start.