Make Stick Characters | Outlearn Activity Guide

This hands on outdoor activity, aim’s to make stick characters by combining natural materials to produce unique characters from clay. These character could have a role within a story or small play. This allows children to better understand nature, the environment and to express their creativity and imagination.


  • Clay
  • Masking Tape


Look for the most twisted, gnarled stick you can find. Could it become a little man, a scary troll or a magical sprite?

Mould a ball of clay into a weird and wonderful face. Wild clay can be collected from the banks of clean ditches and streams, or you can buy clay from educational suppliers (that is air dried).

What natural things can you find to make:

  • Crazy hair
  • Staring eyes
  • Fierce teeth
  • Sticky out ears

Use masking tape to fix on arms and legs or try making simple Marotte puppets rather like a jester’s stick.

Can you find a place to hide your characters?

Safety Tips

Wash your hands after the activity.