Make a Woody Crown | Outlearn Activity Guide

Creating a woody crown will provide a doorway for you and your group into the world of royalty. The aim of making this crown is to focus on fine motor skills and a story about kings and queens. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to express creativity.


  • Green Willow/Reactive or New Growth
  • Ivy/Clematis Stem/Sticky Tape/Raffia
  • Glue/Fabric/Card/Scissors


What can you find to decorate a crown fit for a woodland fairy or forest king/queen?

Bend green willow (or equivalent) into a circle to fit your head. Weave the ends around until they are completely woven in and the circle is quite secure.

Twist a length of ivy, clematis stem or raffia around the crown base and then decorate with seasonal natural materials. You could get a length of fabric (bandana/kerchief size) and glue sticks on it, then glue another piece of fabric (same length) and place over the top of the sticks. Once dry the crown is ready to wear.

Alternative Version

Another way to make a natural crown is to go on a walk around your local area and pick up natural materials. Once back at home/school, use card to make the crown. Decorate your crown by using glue or sticky tape, and then apply the natural materials found on the walk.

Safety Tips

Use good practise when using the scissors. Wash your hands after the activity.