Magic Carpets/Flying Creatures | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Magic carpets/flying creatures’ are fun-loving outdoor activities that aim to combine your designing skills with your imagination. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to express creativity and imagination.


Woodland Magic Carpets

In a woodland clearing (open space), use sticks to make a frame. Fill the frame with a pattern or picture made from coloured leaves, seeds, berries and sticks. You could also make smaller frames, so that each person can design their own section of the carpet. Get everyone to stand on the carpet and make up a story about flying off to discover an enchanted kingdom.

Flying Creatures

Why not use sticks to make the shape of a giant butterfly or an exotic bird on the ground. It may look rather unappealing, so bring it to life by colouring it with patterns of leaves. Lie down and become the creature’s body, relax as you look up at the clouds or a leaf canopy and dream of flying away.

Safety Tips

Make sure you check the ground before you lie on it. Be aware of others when carrying sticks.