Leaf Prints | Outlearn Activities Guide

Have you ever tried to use the leaves within the woodland to make great pieces of art? ‘Leaf prints’ use leaves as a resource to make natural art allowing children to better understand nature, their environment and to express creativity.


  • Strong Paper/Card/Material/Fabric/Plate/Dish
  • Paints/Inks
  • Brushes/Rollers
  • Water


Try to find interesting leaves, either dip in, brush or roller on paint then press down onto paper, card, fabric or material (wood). You could use a variety of leaves to create a print (picture or patterns). How about making some special woodland wrapping paper or greeting cards?

Print lots of leaves onto sheets of paper or card and use them for a variety of craft projects. Cut out the leaves when they are dry. You could make a leaf collage or even use the leaves to make different woodland creatures?

You could cut out your leaf prints and staple them onto string and stretch them out like woodland garlands. Why not try using inks for an interesting effect.

Safety Tips

Wash your hands after the activity.