Hungry Creatures | Outlearn Activity Guide

Everyone gets hungry, even bugs, so why not try and help them with their food shop. The aim of hungry creatures is to work out how much food to give to the creatures within the area your looking. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and how to create a tally chart.


  • Pencil/Ruler/Paper


Get into pairs and find specific areas to conduct your search. Find different types of creatures and record them on a tally chart. Using the examples below (or make another), workout how much food the creatures need. Collect the food and put it into the area that the creatures are. An example of how you could construct your creature/food converter Example; if you counted six beetles then you will have to collect 12 big leaves.

Progression: On your first look at the area, make a prediction of how many different creatures you could find. Even put your predictions into a table. Using the data collected, compare with what you predicted before you came to the woodland. How close were you to the data?

Safety Tips

Make sure your adhering to the best practise with regard to group management around the woodland.