Human - What's Missing? | Outlearn Activity Guide

You have to be alert and aware when trying to play this superb activity. The aim of human - what’s missing? is to pick out who has gone from the picture. This allows children to better understand their environment, and how follow focus on their memory.


  • Large Sheet/Tarp


Just like the game ‘what’s missing’, where you have objects on a tray. Someone has to try and remember all the objects and then one, two or three items are removed and that person then tries and remembers what’s missing.

Same game but instead of objects, it is fellow members of the group. Pick someone to be on, then get them to either shut their eyes or be removed from area. Once group members have been chosen to be in the game, they need to sit, curl up, or lie on the floor within the chosen area.

The cover (sheet/tarp) will then be raised in front of the chosen person, like as though you are watching a theatre production (play). The chosen person then gets ready for the cover to be lowered. The cover then gets lowered showing the group.

They will have a short amount of time to remember the group before the cover is raised again (the time is determined by the ability of the children).

Remove member/s and then lower the cover again for a few seconds, and raise it again. Ask them ‘Who’s missing?’.

Safety Tips

Space awareness—make sure that the members don’t move due to being close to each other.