How many steps? | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘How many steps?’ gets people to come together to estimate distances. The aim of this activity is to count steps and use that figure to try and estimate a number of steps needed to reach a fixed point in the distance. This encourages children to predict distances.


  • Paper/Pen
  • Blindfolds


Give the group a place to walk to. Before they start to walk to that designated place, they have to try and work out how many steps it will take.

Once they have walked to it, ask them whether they were close to their number. Get the group to then create a short route and repeat the above task. Were they close to their number on this go?

On the same track/trail repeat, but this time they have to carry/drag a log. How many steps will it take now? Will it take more or less steps with more people helping? Try to partner up and repeat the first task but this time one child from each pair is blindfolded. Will it take more or less steps whilst blindfolded?

Safety Tips

Display good lifting/dragging practises. Make sure the supporting partner is watching out for their blindfolded partner and wash your hands after.