Hidden Shapes | Outlearn Activities Guide

Shapes are everywhere, all you need is to become more aware of you environment. The aim of hidden shapes is to first train your eyes to focus on shapes on a grid then to turn it to natural hidden shapes. This allows children to find shapes in a grid or within the natural environment.


  • Rope


Shape Grid

Groups or pairs are to collect rope, Ivy or homemade cordage (made from nettles) and make patterns on the floor. You can also do this with sticks, long grass and other natural materials. Once you have established the ‘shape grid’, find as many different types of shapes as you can.

Hidden Shapes

Finding shapes on a grid is a great way to train peoples eyes to then find hidden shapes within the natural environment. You can walk along spotting shapes or/and you could make a tally chart and record your findings.

Safety Tips

Using good practise when lifting sticks. Large sticks should be dragged from the hips.