Here, There, Where | Outlearn Activity Guide

If you feel that your group just are not focuses, and you want to concentrate on their listening skills then this activity is great. The aim of here, there, where is to focus on concentrating to the three words. This allows children to focus on their listening skills, concentration skills, and better understand how to dismiss any distractions.


  • Three Big Circles (using rope or sticks)
  • Open Space ( e.g. Basket Ball Court/Hall)


You start by standing or sitting. The group are in the middle circle and the leader explains that each circle has a name.

  • Circle number 1 is known as ‘HERE’
  • Circle number 2 is known as ‘THERE’
  • Circle number 3 is known as ‘WHERE’

You point at circle 1 and then say HERE, point at circle 2 and then say THERE, then point at circle 3 and say WHERE. Repeat with the group, so that it locks in their minds. Even walk into the circles and get them to say what circle they are in. Walk around the circle with them standing or sitting in it, and say that if you step on the line then you are out of the game.

Say to them that, “starting from ‘NOW’, if I mention the three words you have to respond”. Start slowly by saying one word, even pointing to make it very easy. Once they start to understand, then mix it up by pointing at one circle but saying another. The member who is out is the last person to enter the circle. The winner is the last person playing.

Safety Tips

Do a visual scan for any trip hazards on the floor. Space awareness; make sure that the group do not bump into each other.