Hedgehog Home | Outlearn Activity Guide

Help the hedgehog! We need to be more aware at providing homes for hedgehogs. The aim of this thoughtful activity is building a hedgehog home, which shows individuals how they can make a difference and provide homes for the little creatures. This allows children to have a better understand of nature and how to express their love for animals.


  • Bricks
  • Plastic Box/Lid
  • Newspaper/Straw


Choose a quiet spot that won’t be disturbed, maybe near a fence or hedge. Make a square base, perhaps with some old bricks. The entrance shouldn’t face north-east, yet I’m sure the hedgehog will be grateful for a home.

Cover the bricks with a lid or use a plastic box but you will need to cut a door out and make loads of air holes. Add some bedding of dry grass and leaves, shredded newspaper or straw.

Lean a few sticks over the hedgehog house. Cover them with a thick layer of autumn leaves, building up from the ground. Tempt hedgehogs with a little meat-based pet food and a saucer of water. If you think a hedgehog is hibernating, leave it undisturbed until the spring.

Safety Tips

Wash your hands after the activity. If placing hedgehog homes under trees then watch out for low lying branches.