Hand Scents | Outlearn Activity Guide

Suitable for young children of all abilities, this great icebreaker will help you to smell a range of different scents and interact with each other, within the group. The aim of hand scents is to combine unique aromas with others within your group. This allows children to better understand their group and how to distinguish between different scents.


  • Cloth Squares
  • Perfumes/Oils


Using different perfumes, put a dab on each person’s hand or on a small square of cloth. Everyone needs to then go around the group sniffing each others hands or cloths.

The idea of this activity is for everyone to be able to group themselves into pairs or small groups ready for a further activity. This is useful if you need to introduce people into the group as an icebreaker, to ensure the inclusion of people, or even to break up undesirable groupings as this way is seemly random.

Safety Tips

To respect each others space and not push.