Grass Dolls | Outlearn Activity Guide

‘Grass dolls’ is a tactile outdoor activity suitable for young children of all abilities. The aim of grass dolls is to create one or many little dolls that work on your motor skills, knot skills, and imagination. This allows children to better understand nature, their environment and to express creativity.


  • Wool/Thread
  • Scissors


Hold a clump of long grass in your hand, binding them together roughly in the middle, this will be the doll’s body. Do the binding with other flexible grasses, long thin leaves, or with wool or thread.


Separate the lower part of the bunch of grass into two bunches to make the legs. Bind these down to the end, bending the bottom part at an angle to make feet.


Take another thinner bunch of slightly shorter grass stems. Push this through the body of the doll to make arms. Bind the arms and make hands at the ends.

Bind the grass above where the arms are, leaving the ends loose as a crazy hair style. Stick on natural materials such as berries and seeds to make features, or alternatively draw a face on a leaf and stick this on to the head.

Safety Tips

Check if anyone suffers from hay fever, be sensible when using scissors  and wash your hands after.